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So yesterday I briefly mentioned that I have a top ten favourite bands of all time list tucked away in my head. I thought I would share it because what’s the point of being a music fan if you don’t spread the love of your favourite artists!


10: The Crooked Fiddle band: http://www.crookedfiddleband.com/ These guys were first introduced to me through my current band. Both Tim (bass) and Jake (guitar) were (and still are) huge fans at the time that they linked me to the wonderous sound of Crooked Fiddle. What really cemented them as a favourite band was the first time I saw them live. (Incidentally it was also Vanishing Shapes first ever proper gig) They are absolutely nuts in the best way possible.

9: System of a Down: http://www.systemofadown.com/ I stumbled upon this band in year 9 after growing bored with Linkin Park and various other not so fab metalish hardcoreish bands. If I had to choose a favourite album it would definitely be Toxicity

8: Panic! at the Disco: http://www.panicatthedisco.com/ I was 13 when I first heard this band. Their first album A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out was a life changing album for me. I’m not one to listen to music over and over again, but, this album was on repeat for all of my major heart breaks in high school. This band was also a catalyst for my next band…


This is Sundays outfit yo!

7: The Hush Sound: http://www.thehushsound.org/ Do you guys remember last FM? In high school it was the way I found new music. Anyway, the way it worked was that you typed in a band that you liked, and it would play you a bunch of music similar to said band. Of course the first band I typed in was Panic! at the Disco. Once my super slow internet started the streaming process, I heard this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFjw4IAkQEQ fabulously orchestrated snazzy tune. I then proceeded to download the rest of their discography. What can I say? I was hooked!

6: Oren Lavie: http://www.orenlavie.com/ I’m pretty sure this man is the only solo musician on my list. No words can do the beauty and mastery of his only album justice. Every song is perfect, with amazing orchestration, and silky smooth vocals.

5: The Cellar Door: http://findthecellardoor.org/ One of my favourite Youtubers Abb3rz07 https://www.youtube.com/user/abb3rz07 introduced me to this band. From the very first listen I was deeply in love with this band. They are very folky, but not in an antiquated way. They also have a cello in their band. It’s a well known fact that cellos make everything better!

4: The Decemberists: http://www.decemberists.com/ This is yet another brilliant folky band! They have such a vast and varied repertoire, one can listen to them for hours and not get bored (which is no easy task for me!) If you’re going to start with one of their albums, I suggest their concept album the hazards of love.


3: Dead Letter Circus: http://deadlettercircus.com/ This alternative rock band captured my heart with their infectious beats, and beautiful melodies. Like SOAD, I found this band after becoming bored with Linkin Park. I’m so glad I did, because their music is brilliant!

2: Fair to Midland: http://fairtomidlandfans.com/ I have a large Fair to Midland shaped hole in my heart, which I doubt I’ll ever repair. This band has produced the most perfect music I’ve ever heard, and the fact that I’ll never get to hear them live again devastates me. Their official genera is prog rock, but they also sport a very heavy folk influence.

1: The Gorillaz: http://gorillaz.com/ I’ve yet to meet a person who doesn’t like the Gorillaz. I have quite a long history with this band. I first heard them when I was about 5 on Rage. After seeing the video 19-2000 I fell in love with the music and art style. Being so young, I didn’t have the resources to track down the rest of their music.  My next encounter was not until I was 12. There was this website, take 40.com, which was really big with the year 6 class. Feel good inc. was in the top 40 at the time. I used to listen to this song on repeat, until it eventually drifted out of the top 40. When this happened I purchased my first ever CD, demon days. Since then I have been a hardcore Gorillaz Fan (except for plastic beach. Lets forget that ever happened)