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Yesterday was quite a busy day. It started with a rehearsal for the school band I take Monday’s, then finished with a heavy rainstorm, which I got drenched in. In between these events, I started the new pokemon game, Alpha Sapphire, and played in Jake’s end of Bachelor exam (Jake is the awesome guitarist in my Band Vanishing Shapes!)


The storm was quite quick, lasting a grand total of 20 mins. After the storm had finished, the sun came out, allowing me to take outfit photo’s in front of this awesome backdrop!

Alannah Hill dress, from before she started Louise Love.

Dress: Alannah Hill, Belt: Alannah Hill, Tights: Coles, Shoes: I ❤ Billy


Some perfume I ordered ages ago finally arrived in the mail yesterday as well!


I ordered both perfumes from a small company called Firebird Bath and Body: https://www.etsy.com/shop/FirebirdBathBody. The two scents I ordered were black cocoa (which smells like a rich dark chocolate, with a slightly smoky tang) and macaroon (Which smells like coconut vanilla icecream)

Ordering from this company was a breeze, and everything was packaged really well, and there was great communication from the seller.

Basically from now on I’m going to smell like a dessert!