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Red Dr Martens

I sewed a dress yesterday. Today I wore the dress that I sewed.

Home made fairy dress Dr Martens

This is the first dress I’ve made out of a non stretch fabric. I also drafted the pattern myself. I’m quite surprised it turned out this well. The last time I attempted to sew a dress from cotton, it didn’t end to well (which is part of the reason I hardly sew dresses)

Velvet blazer forest little red riding hood

Hair bow: Alannah Hill, Choker: Home made, Velvet blazer: Thrifted, Dress: Home made, Tights: Myer, Shoes: Dr Marten.

I suppose you’d call this type of dress a ‘skater dress’. It has a fitted top, and the skirt is a 3/4 circle skirt. I’ve made the dress out of two layers of material. The inner layer is a floral printed cotton, and the outer layer is a sort of netting.


The frilly bits around the base of the dress were hand gathered, and then hand stitched around the base of the outer net layer of the dress. (never. again.(Although, in saying that, the gathered net frill is what turned this dress from an nice dress into a really nice dress))


If I had the choice, I would have used the machine to stitch the frill onto the bottom of the skirt, but unfortunately the net was super fragile, super stretchy and super uncooperative.


Close up of the fabric.


Close up of the bottom layer of fabric.