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As well as being a loving mother, my mum is an enabler of my crazy fashion adventures. She went shopping on the weekend, and bought me these fantastic shoes. When I saw them, I just had to pair them with a vintage outfit I’ve been meaning to try for ages (But never felt game)

wpid-c360_2014-11-03-17-22-53-975_20141103185943955.jpg wpid-c360_2014-11-03-17-24-52-566.jpg

The coat I’m wearing is one half of a yellow two piece my dad found at a vintage shop in Sydney. The dress is one half of a pink two piece my mum and I found in the best shop in woy woy (shop 55 yo!)


I don’t wear this type of dress very often (I think it’s called a shift dress?) If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll notice that I tend to go for form fitting dresses, which come in at the waist, and almost always with a full skirt. This dress is the exact opposite, but, I kind of love it.

wpid-c360_2014-11-03-17-26-21-413.jpg wpid-c360_2014-11-03-17-30-34-019.jpg

I took my outfit photos on the board walk near a local park. While I was strolling around/looking for the perfect railing to attach my camera to, I found myself reminiscing.


At the high school I went to, we had to participate in thursday afternoon sport. Myself and my small, but close group of friends used to choose what sport we’d do as a group (because unless you took sport with friends, it was a lonely and painfully boring experience)


Anyway, when we were feeling particularly cheep, we’d choose “powerwalking” (which was really walk around at a leisurely pace around Gosford) Often the path would intersect with the board walk.


The boardwalk was always my favourite route. It’s such a serene place. I don’t get to go as often as I like, but whenever I go, it’s always so very quiet, and I’ve never seen another person there.


wpid-c360_2014-11-03-17-37-58-775.jpg wpid-c360_2014-11-03-17-38-20-322.jpg

Speaking of memories, it’s weird how they can change over time. When I used to think back on boardwalk fun times, I always remembered there being a bench here. There is no evidence of a bench. I’m entirely sure my mind created a bench, and now I am questioning my sanity.