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Remember those k-mart socks I mentioned a few days ago? Welp, I styled another pair.


I ended up wearing my dog shorts with the pug socks, because the more dogs the better!


I also finally fixed my favourite shoes. They’re a pair of clear high heel jelly sandles. I bought them during summer, and pretty much wore them for a month straight until the side split. I kept them because I thought I might be able to repair them. A few days ago I was browsing the internet and stumbled upon this thing called shoe goo which is a strong adhesive designed for shoe repair and waterproofing.  This. Stuff. Is. Magic.

Basically I was able to repair and reinforce the split, and now it looks like it never happened!


Vest: Paddy’s Market, Shirt: K-mart, Belt: Thrifted, Arm warmers: Ebay, Shorts: Handmade, Tights: K-mart, Socks: K-mart, Shoes: Ebay.