So I forgot to do a shoe shot. In it’s place though, I have a crappy mirror selfie of yesterdays outfit (I couldn’t find a camera fairy 😦 )


Blazer: Revival, Dress: HellBunny, Belt: Alanah Hill, Socks: Ebay, Tights: Ebay, Shoes: Kmart.

I had another gig with the New Empire today. Unfortunately after the gig it was way too wet to get any shots of my stage outfit, but I managed to get some pictures of the clothes I wore before the performance.

This dress is a recent acquisition. As you all know I’m a bit busy at the moment (because all my posts from the last month can be summarised as “waaaa I’m so bussyyyyyy”), and all of this being busy stuff is making me a bit stressed, so my lovely mother bought me this dress (and its minty sister) to cheer me up a bit.


The Orchestra played really well this afternoon, although it was a bitter sweet performance, as it was our front-mans last concert. (byeee Toby, and well done with your singing today.)


Just as an end note, can I just say that doing my eye makeup like this makes me feel like a 15 year old when it’s out of context (because I may or may not have gone heavy on the eyeliner at that age…)