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The title of this post perfectly describes my Thursday.

When I left my house Thursday morning it was raining a little bit, so I decided to bring my umbrella. I go to class, and by the time class had finished, the weather had improved dramatically. On my way back to uni it started to sprinkle a little. Then I open up my umbrella, thinking it will keep me dry.
The umbrella did not keep me dry. The ‘little’  shower turned into a torrential downpour. Consequently, I was soaked in the process. My poor little umbrella did not stand a chance.


These pictures were taken after I had dried off ( and after the rain had stopped.) before the downpour I was having a brilliant hair day, but, as you can see here, my good hair day was not went to be 😦


Anyway, enough about the weather. Let’s talk about my pants. These pants are Literally the most comfortable pants I have ever owned. I bought them from shop 55 in woy woy https://shop55.com.au/ (I know I keep saying this, but this shop is my most favourite clothing store ever) I can’t remember exactly what era they’re from, but I think Wendy (who owns the place) said they were either 70’s or 80’s.
Fun pants are fun Yo