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I really need to stop watching project runway. It not only makes me want to sew all day, but it makes me want to leave my uni course and become a designer (which is one of the few jobs which is less financially secure than music. Side note: Why can’t I be good at stuff which won’t make me poor?)

Anyway, I stayed up obnoxiously late hand sewing these details…


…onto this skirt.


Unfortunately due to poor overcast lighting conditions on campus, the picture doesn’t do the skirt justice. Basically it’s the perfect fairy skirt. It’s a triple layer circle skirt with linen as the bottom layer, and polka dot tulle making up the top two layers. As i mention before I hand sewed rose and leaf detail around the edge of the skirt to add to the whimsy. Each rose was lovingly crafted by my hands, and sworn at multiple times by my brain (Because making lots of tiny roses sucks!)


I matched the skirt with my green cape, and green Lady Petrova blouse, then tied in the red in the skirt with my shiny red shoes.


The gig was pretty fun to play, although, it was wayyyy too cold for an outdoor gig. Next time I think I’ll bring a warmer jacket.