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Sorry for my absence! I got hit by an extremely busy few days, which kind of destroyed my blogging ‘schedule’


This is the outfit I wore Friday last week. At least i think it was friday. (I really don’t remember which is very troubling to me) Anyway, I played for my friends exam in this outfit, then later that day I played a gig in this outfit. (I’m pretty sure it was the lass gig I had with my band Vanishing Shapes, which was hella fun 😀 You can check us out here https://www.facebook.com/vanishapes , here https://soundcloud.com/vanishapes and herehttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOw8gt5eVVRLakbT3DcfNXA)

It was the second of 4 gigs I had last week. I never fully recovered from the first gig (which was a late night on a Wednesday evening with Vanishing Shapes) and everything sort of spiraled. Oh well. It happens. (please forgive me :P)

I must apologise for the word vomit. I’m still recovering from my crazy week. :s




Now onto what I wore. I was overjoyed when I discovered this blouse looked good with this skirt (It doesn’t show particularly well in the pictures, but the mints in the skirt are derived from the green in the blouse). I love finding new combinations of clothing, especially when my clothing feels stale. (Sometimes I feel my wardrobe getting stale, usually when I either haven’t had time for sewing, or when I’m exhausted.) I felt very fresh in this combination.