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Today I learned that I need to start checking the weather before leaving my house instead of making a judgement based on how warm it’s been recently. It was really warm in the sun/ when the wind wasn’t blowing, but unfortunately for me the wind barely let up, and that windy was icyyyyyy!



As far as today’s outfit is concerned, I wore two pieces which I find incredibly difficult to style; the blazer and the shoes. Both pieces cause me trouble because of the colour.

At first glance the blazer appears to be red and white striped. The “red” in the blazer is not actually a red. It’s a very dark dusty pink. This makes it incredibly hard to match with things in my wardrobe.

I have a similar problem with the shoes. The dominant colour in the shoes is a magenta.


I’m quite happy with my outfit today, although, if I was going to wear it again, I’d opt for tights that are slightly less red.