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(This post should have gone up thursday, but I got home really late, then Friday I had an internet fail at home )

Another Thursday another adventure on campus involving me being completely lost. I made it to class on time this week, it was getting back to the train station I had difficulty with.

After my Art class, I went for coffee with a couple of my friends on a part of the campus I wasn’t familiar with. I had left plenty of time to walk back, but, I took the Road instead of the path. The path lead to the trainstation, but the road took me to the opposite side of campus.

I made it eventually (I barely made the next train :s) but, next time, They can have coffee near my building.


Blazer: Don’t remember :s, Shirt: Home made, Belt: Thrifted, Shorts: Thrifted, Tights: Kmart, Socks: Ebay, Shoes: Dr Martins.

At least I was purple?