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School holidays is over, so I had my first proper day of work in two weeks! My job is teaching flute and it’s ridiculously fun. I love being able to share my passion for music with others. Anyway, the place I teach on Tuesday mornings is kind of fancy, so the outfit I wore today is kind of fancy.


I’m aware that I say this about all of my clothes, but this is legit one of my favourite Dresses. I recieved it as a gift from the Ro Dogz last year for my birthday.


Blazer: David Lawrence, Dress: Miss Shop, Belt: Alannah Hill, Tights: Myer, Shoes: Thrifted.


I wore this choker today. I made the pendant and hand beaded the band/details. I really love beading, but it’s so time consuming D:


Because I’ve been on holidays a lot of my photos are being taken in my front yard in front of our beautiful old weird trees. Every year since before I can remember, these trees have shed their leaves in Winter as opposed to Autumn. This is especially strange because our next door neighbors have a similar tree, and it’s naked by the end of may. Plants. How do they even.