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Today 3/4’s of my band got together to catch up on general band stuffs and make art for our upcoming ep release. I got bassist Tim to take these photo’s before we went for a skate as a break from being holed up in the kitchen and buried beneath art supplies.


Jacket: Thrifted, Playsuit: Home made, Belt: Alannah Hill, Tights: Myer, Shoes: Dianna Ferrari


I hit the sewing machine again last night and made this playsuit. I’d had the material sitting around for a couple of months. The only bad thing was it took longer than expected to sew (probably about 6 hours all up. I thought it would take about 4)

I also took some photos of the boys (although, mostly of Jake because he loves being silly in front of the camera)

wpid-20140709_151440.jpg wpid-20140709_151441.jpg

These two photos were taken just before we left.



wpid-20140709_163257.jpg wpid-20140709_163312.jpg wpid-20140709_163328.jpg

These four were taken on the route back. As you can see, Tim and Jake are quite majestic  (they’re not too bad at music either :P).