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Whenever I’m feeling remotely blah, the colour I reach for to make my day better is green. It’s such a bright, cheery and underrated colour.


I woke up with a bit of a headache, so green was the only way to go.


Cardigan: Glassons, Shirt: Lady petrova, Belt: Alannah Hill, Tights: Ebay, Shoes: Converse.


I’ve been favouring these shorts a lot lately for two reasons. 1) I love the print/colours (super easy to wear with all the things) 2) I feel more like me when I wear things I’ve made.

Lets have a real talk about sewing stuff. As much as I love fashion, I find fast fashion to move wayy to fast, and for it to be difficult to intergrate into my wardrobe because of my very specific tastes, both colour wise and silhouette wise. I’ve been experimenting a little bit more lately because of the myriad of fashion blogs I read (seriously, they’re all fabulous. My blog roll can be found here: https://theemeraldruby.wordpress.com/other-blogs-i-read/) As the saying goes, if you want something done right do it yourself. I also have a figure that most brands don’t cater for, which makes shopping for shorts a nightmare. They’re either too big or too small, or fit right on the legs, but gape at the waist.


As well as making clothes, I also make jewellery. The picture above is a closeup of the choker I’m wearing today.