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Ugh, I keep forgetting to photographise my shoes.


I had to go into Ourimbah Campus today to run some errands (which involved way to much paper work) and decided to grab  a few shots of my outfit on the front lawn.


Blazer: Blossom, Dress: Forever New, Belt: Alannah Hill, Tights: Sports Girl, Shoes: Dr Martins.


I seem to be wearing my holy grail dresses quite a bit. This particular dress I have on took me approximately 6 months to buy. I had tried it on, and was ready to purchase, but then my mum turned me off the idea, so I put it back on the rack. About 3 months later, I decided to purchase the dress because I couldn’t stop thinking about it, but my local store didn’t have any in stock. About 6 months after that I found it in the Newcastle store.

Moral of the story: Don’t let your mum talk you out of buying pretty dresses! 😛