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Ugh, so, I totally forgot to do a shoe shot. :s oh well. It happens!

I toned everything down today and went for a more ‘classic’  look because I had to play flute in my friends end of semester exam. The temperature was also an icy cold, which meant that my pirate coat, which is my warmest coat, didn’t make me warm.


The exam I played was for my friend Jake Kennedy, who is an amazing classical guitarist. (he’s in my band vanishing shapes facebook.com/vanishapes if you’re interested)


This dress man. It took me about a year to buy this dress. I first spied it in a shop called review when I was shopping in Sydney, but I didn’t buy it because it was quite expensive. About 6 months after that, my mum and I see the dress on sale in Myer but they didn’t have my size. After lamenting the fact I’d never own the dress, we saw it in Myer again, and this time in my size! It’s so comfy and makes me feel like a polka dot princess!