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Because I’m a terrible person, today will be a double outfit post. I was quite exhausted yesterday evening, so I didn’t get round to making a separate post D:

Today’s Outfit:


It was dark, dank and dreary when I woke up this morning, hence my darker outfit today.


Ears: The cyber shop, Jacket: Spin Doctor, Shirt: Alley, Belt: Alannah Hill, Skirt: Home made, Tights: Ebay,               Shoes: Converse

This coat is the warmest coat I own. It’s made out of a thick velveteen fabric, and it’s lined. Unfortunately, it was no match for the Icy wind Newcastle is sporting at the moment!

This skirt is something I whipped up over the summer holidays. The fabric was super cheap at the time (Like $7 a meter!) so I bought heaps of it. I made a matching cape, and plan to make some pants out of it later in the year.


Seeing as I felt a bit like a forest fairy today I decided it would be appropriate to show a bit of love to the pot plants on the balcony. (Twas fun yo!)

Yesterdays Outfit:


I’ll start this out by saying please excuse the photo quality. There’s a reason I try and take my outfit photo’s in full sun, and that is because my phone HATES unnatural light. My boss kindly took these for me after work.


Ears: The cyber shop, Jacket: Shop 55, Shirt: Cotton on, Belt: Thrifted, Tights: Alannah hill, Shoes: Some shop in Sydney I can’t remember because I’m a terrible person.

I think this outfit is a wonderful example of how you can wear the same item of clothing twice in one week, and nobody can tell the difference. I wore these shorts on monday in a yellow based outfit. By wearing mostly green items today I have completely changed the mood of the shorts.

The jacket I’m wearing is a vintage jacket I picked up from Shop 55 in Woy Woy.Link to online shop –> https://shop55.com.au/ As soon as I saw it, I new there was no way I was leaving without it. (I mean, how often do you come across a lime green and white hounds tooth pattern coat)


Anyway, I shall leave you with a gorgeous photo showing off my full sick guitar playing skillz (cause that’s how I rolllll)