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I’ve never been one for playsuits. I thought they looked tacky and awkward, but for every rule there is an exception. For me, the exception is the “Evil Hearted you” playsuit, made by the brilliant Australian Designer Lady Petrova http://www.ladypetrova.com/


This is the playsuit. I have literally never had anything that I didn’t make fit me quite as perfectly as this did.


Beret: Thrifted, Jacket: Bodyline, Blouse: Shop 55 Playsuit: Lady Petrova, Belt: Shop 55, Tights: Ebay, Socks: Ebay, Gloves: Sportsgirl, Shoes: Dr Martins.


I always feel like such a pirate when I wear this coat. When paired with the open blouse I wore today, I felt even more piratey.

The blouse and belt I wore today came from this brilliant vintage shop in Woy Woy called Shop 55. This place is very very bad for my Wallet. Wendy, the lady who runs the shop, has a brilliant sense of style and  I love going in to talk fashion with her (although unfortunately, it’s usually before work, so I can’t stay as long as I’d like to).


Also totally bought a new phone case. I’d seen these floating around on the internet for a while, and finally decided to order one. It’s so thick/annoying, but, it’s cute, so it can stay.