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Every few months or so I decide that I’d like to change my hair in a dramatic way. Today happened to be one of those days.


One of the best things about this particular wig is that it’s very very close to my natural hair colour, which means I can just pin my hair back as opposed to putting it in an uncomfortable wig cap thingy. (Seriously, they are so uncomfortable/slip off alllllllll day) In fact, it’s so close to my natural colour that the lady who works in the cafe at the train station I get on at every day had a hard time pinpointing what was different about me, despite the fact the wig is a good 40cm’s longer than my natural hair, and has 3 unnatural colours in it!


Blazer: Goldleeda Shirt: Home made Shorts: Home made Belt: Alannah Hill Tights: Ebay Gloves: Sportsgirl

The blazer I’m wearing was an interesting find. I bought it in a shop in Sydney last year. It was one of only 2 made, and had been marked down exponentially because they just couldn’t sell it. The guy in the store was amazed that I like it, because literally every woman who had been in there thought it was ugly. D: “Ugly” and “black and yellow blazer” DO NOT belong in the same sentence (unless of course, the sentence is “Black and yellow blazers are not ugly)


I sewed these shorts over the weekend because 1) I was in the mood to sew and 2) I did not feel like working on my composition for uni. I was very happy with how they came out, especially seeing as I didn’t really have a pattern, and I’ve never made high waist-ed shorts before. My only regret is not sewing pockets (I pretty much never sew pockets into my clothing because I’m waaayyyyy too lazy, pockets are actually so much effort)