Pink and black hearts


I feel like I always bitch about how sucky lighting is, and today is no exception. The weather has ruined my blog photo fun times two days in a row.

Yesterday, the clouds played havoc with how the sun was behaving (so I ducked out of the sun, and took these photos in the shade) 

Then today, it rained all afternoon, meaning no outfit photos can be taken (although, I’m thinking about being a bit gross, and taking them quickly in the morning then having a shower (apologies for the tmi)) 


So yeah, lighting is a fun thing (not). It’s about to get better though. I’ve bought a portable light thingy to make taking photos (especially indoor ones. The lights in my house suck!)

Fox Skirt feat. My dogs!


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I decided to take photos of yesterdays outfit in the back garden.


Awwwwww, she’s such a baby!

My favourite thing about taking photos in the back garden is that I get to have my dogs in my photos


The dog I’m petting in the photo above is Bubbles. We adopted her 9 years ago from the local RSPCA. We adopted Noodle a year later. It’s weird to think we’ve had them so long because they both act like puppies. (although, noodle is the most puppy like. As much as I love her, she’s a bit dense…)


So Yeah, Dogs are great!


Silly Dog selfie!!



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So yesterday I briefly mentioned that I have a top ten favourite bands of all time list tucked away in my head. I thought I would share it because what’s the point of being a music fan if you don’t spread the love of your favourite artists!


10: The Crooked Fiddle band: These guys were first introduced to me through my current band. Both Tim (bass) and Jake (guitar) were (and still are) huge fans at the time that they linked me to the wonderous sound of Crooked Fiddle. What really cemented them as a favourite band was the first time I saw them live. (Incidentally it was also Vanishing Shapes first ever proper gig) They are absolutely nuts in the best way possible.

9: System of a Down: I stumbled upon this band in year 9 after growing bored with Linkin Park and various other not so fab metalish hardcoreish bands. If I had to choose a favourite album it would definitely be Toxicity

8: Panic! at the Disco: I was 13 when I first heard this band. Their first album A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out was a life changing album for me. I’m not one to listen to music over and over again, but, this album was on repeat for all of my major heart breaks in high school. This band was also a catalyst for my next band…


This is Sundays outfit yo!

7: The Hush Sound: Do you guys remember last FM? In high school it was the way I found new music. Anyway, the way it worked was that you typed in a band that you liked, and it would play you a bunch of music similar to said band. Of course the first band I typed in was Panic! at the Disco. Once my super slow internet started the streaming process, I heard this fabulously orchestrated snazzy tune. I then proceeded to download the rest of their discography. What can I say? I was hooked!

6: Oren Lavie: I’m pretty sure this man is the only solo musician on my list. No words can do the beauty and mastery of his only album justice. Every song is perfect, with amazing orchestration, and silky smooth vocals.

5: The Cellar Door: One of my favourite Youtubers Abb3rz07 introduced me to this band. From the very first listen I was deeply in love with this band. They are very folky, but not in an antiquated way. They also have a cello in their band. It’s a well known fact that cellos make everything better!

4: The Decemberists: This is yet another brilliant folky band! They have such a vast and varied repertoire, one can listen to them for hours and not get bored (which is no easy task for me!) If you’re going to start with one of their albums, I suggest their concept album the hazards of love.


3: Dead Letter Circus: This alternative rock band captured my heart with their infectious beats, and beautiful melodies. Like SOAD, I found this band after becoming bored with Linkin Park. I’m so glad I did, because their music is brilliant!

2: Fair to Midland: I have a large Fair to Midland shaped hole in my heart, which I doubt I’ll ever repair. This band has produced the most perfect music I’ve ever heard, and the fact that I’ll never get to hear them live again devastates me. Their official genera is prog rock, but they also sport a very heavy folk influence.

1: The Gorillaz: I’ve yet to meet a person who doesn’t like the Gorillaz. I have quite a long history with this band. I first heard them when I was about 5 on Rage. After seeing the video 19-2000 I fell in love with the music and art style. Being so young, I didn’t have the resources to track down the rest of their music.  My next encounter was not until I was 12. There was this website, take, which was really big with the year 6 class. Feel good inc. was in the top 40 at the time. I used to listen to this song on repeat, until it eventually drifted out of the top 40. When this happened I purchased my first ever CD, demon days. Since then I have been a hardcore Gorillaz Fan (except for plastic beach. Lets forget that ever happened)

Manic Weekends


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This weekend hes been slightly manic. It started friday when I attended my friends bands album launch (They’re called Valko, and if they keep heading the way they are, they could find themselves with a spot in “Jen’s top 10 favourite bands of all time” list.


On Saturday I found myself faced with two long gigs with two different Orchestras: The New Empire Ballroom Ragtime Dance Orchestra, and the Central Coast Symphony Orchestra (Which will be called “Symphony Central Coast” from next year) Both gigs were so much fun, but today I found myself feeling quite dead.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to relax. I had my music schools end of year concert. Although it was very long (5 hours D: ) It was lovely to see so many children (and a few adults) enjoying music so much.


The summer conspiracy


For the last 3 or 4 years summer has been cloudy and overcast.


It usually starts with a few hot days in November, then progresses to weeks of overcast days split up by an incredibly hot day here and there.


Last year it was to the point where I hardly went to the beach. Not because I didn’t have the time, but because it was overcast, cold and wet.


I was hoping that this year would be different, but the last few days have shown the characteristics of the summer weather conspiracy.


Tulle and polka dots.


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So this is actually the outfit I wore on Tuesday (I was going to post it yesterday, but the woy woy idiots made me too angry).


It was super hard to shoot this space the way I wanted to because the sun was constantly peeping in and out of the clouds. If only artificial light wasn’t so blah.

wpid-c360_2014-11-25-18-26-42-111.jpg wpid-c360_2014-11-25-18-27-20-326.jpg

I think I’m starting to get the hang of this loose chiffon blouse thing as well! I’m glad I’ve worked it out in time for summer, because it means I might have a fighting chance at maintaining my style without feeling too hot!


Misogynist teenage bogans: AKA Why I maintain tunnel vision while in public


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Please excuse this pathetic shoe shot. It was taken during my rehearsal tonight.

Today was quite an eventful day. It started out with having coffee with Ro and Adam, which was very lovely, then followed by an awful afternoon full of teenage misogynist bogans, and then topped off by an Orchestral rehearsal which left me tired and Hangry.

I was verbally assalted by 3 separate packs of teenage boys this afternoon within the space of an hour. The first event was when I was getting out of my car to take outfit photos. Two boys no older than 14 yelled out various versions of “hey sexy” and “nice ass”

The second event was at a local Mc Donalds, where I was greeted with more “hey sexy” and variations thereof by slightly older boys.

The third was when I was buying a drink from the servo. This bogan was probably about 17ish 18 ish. He was wearing shorts, and one of those racerback singlets with the huge armholes and low neckwhich shows off all the “alpha male muscles bro ha ha footy”ness of their physique.

Finally, to top off these three events, I was told that I was asking for it because of the way I had dressed that day. I can 100% guarantee had I been male, wearing shorts and nothing else , I wouldn’t have heard a peep from the young lads in woy woy.

So, After that word vomit, this is what I wore today.


This outfit may be unusual, but in no way is it provocative. I’m wearing long sleeves for goodness sake! My shorts may be short, but the length still has a good 5 cm’s on the current lengths of store bought short shorts.

I don’t even know why I’m trying to justify why my outfit shouldn’t be commented on in such an inappropriate way. I am not an object. I am human and should be treated as such. The behavior displayed by the bogans this afternoon is inappropriate and dehumanizing. Their behaviour aims to not only put me down, but to make me feel less than, and to make my gender feel less than.

I suppose I just can’t believe that such uncivilized people still exist in today’s society. I think the saddest thing is that these boys will probably have children one day, and these children will be taught that this behaviour is ok. The only way for these children to ever have a chance at not continuing the sexism cycle is for people (especially women) to come out and talk about these experiences.


The next time you experience sexist behaviour, I emplor you to speak out publicly against it. It’s the only way to create a safe an equal enviroment for ourselves, and our future generation.


Rain Rain Go Away.


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Yesterday was quite a busy day. It started with a rehearsal for the school band I take Monday’s, then finished with a heavy rainstorm, which I got drenched in. In between these events, I started the new pokemon game, Alpha Sapphire, and played in Jake’s end of Bachelor exam (Jake is the awesome guitarist in my Band Vanishing Shapes!)


The storm was quite quick, lasting a grand total of 20 mins. After the storm had finished, the sun came out, allowing me to take outfit photo’s in front of this awesome backdrop!

Alannah Hill dress, from before she started Louise Love.

Dress: Alannah Hill, Belt: Alannah Hill, Tights: Coles, Shoes: I ❤ Billy


Some perfume I ordered ages ago finally arrived in the mail yesterday as well!


I ordered both perfumes from a small company called Firebird Bath and Body: The two scents I ordered were black cocoa (which smells like a rich dark chocolate, with a slightly smoky tang) and macaroon (Which smells like coconut vanilla icecream)

Ordering from this company was a breeze, and everything was packaged really well, and there was great communication from the seller.

Basically from now on I’m going to smell like a dessert!

Out with a tiny fizzle


I handed in my last bachelors assessment last week. I’ve had 4 “Last day of this education thingy ever” days. This was by far the least significant educational ending that I’ve ever experienced.

The first time I finished an education stage was year 6. The end of year 6 at my primary school was marked by a big sendoff from all the teachers and students. The next one was my final music diploma day. It was marked by a huge recital which many friends and relatives attended. The third was my last day of high school, which was marked by “year 12 muckup day”

This time around my course fizzled out, instead of ending with a bang. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, its just another one of those weirdly adult moments.

Anyway, lets catch up on my weekend!


This is the outfit I wore for friday’s gig. I made the dress a couple of weeks ago, but wasn’t game to wear it out straight away.

I had quite an eventful weekend, starting Friday night with a Vanishing Shapes Gig. We opened for the second annual “Crooked Fiddle does Newcastle with the Main Guy and the Other Guys and V’Shapes” The concert went right off (which is always the best way for a concert to go)

Saturday I had a photoshoot with my friends James and Caroline. James did the photo thing, while Caroline attempted to blind me with the reflector (and make sure that my costume sat correctly, which was quite a task!) Hopefully I’ll have those photo’s up soon :3 (Shameless promotion of James’s Facebook page:

Sunday I had a gig with The New Empire Ballroom Ragtime Dance Orchestra. It was long and exhausting, but it was super fun. We’re like a big jazzy family 😀


So yeah, that’s why my blog has been quiet over the weekend!