Punky Pugs


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Remember those k-mart socks I mentioned a few days ago? Welp, I styled another pair.


I ended up wearing my dog shorts with the pug socks, because the more dogs the better!


I also finally fixed my favourite shoes. They’re a pair of clear high heel jelly sandles. I bought them during summer, and pretty much wore them for a month straight until the side split. I kept them because I thought I might be able to repair them. A few days ago I was browsing the internet and stumbled upon this thing called shoe goo which is a strong adhesive designed for shoe repair and waterproofing.  This. Stuff. Is. Magic.

Basically I was able to repair and reinforce the split, and now it looks like it never happened!


Vest: Paddy’s Market, Shirt: K-mart, Belt: Thrifted, Arm warmers: Ebay, Shorts: Handmade, Tights: K-mart, Socks: K-mart, Shoes: Ebay.

Gingham Fairy Princess


So this is the outfit I wore today.


Monday is my “Lazy” day at uni. I don’t have any scheduled classes, which means all of my rehearsals get scheduled for this day.


My band had a pretty good 2 hour rehearsal this morning. We have a gig at the Lass in Newcastle this friday. (Event Page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/323096944539726/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular) This gig is kind of a big deal as it’s our first one with the new lineup.


Our new member is a local Clarinetist called Nick, and he’s a bit brilliant. (If you’re in the area, you should totally come to our gig and bask in Nicks brilliance!)

Miniature Marshmellows


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These socks are actually the best thing ever.

I had to go to K-Mart this week to buy some practical things. While I was perusing the isles I stumbled upon these socks.  Not only are they deliciously mellow-y,  but they were super cheap and came in different prints (I also bought a cat pair and a pug pair :3)


There’s only one downside to wearing delicious socks…


… They made me really hungry. :(


Polka dots and Pinocchio


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Thursdays outfit made me feel like a school girl.


I think it was a combination of the colour pallet, the jacket and shoe combination and long socks. I think it’s strange that something that looks nothing like a school uniform can make me feel this way.

Also, all the school uniforms that I ever wore never made me feel this adorable.


Apart from my outfit, thursday was kind of a bleh day. I managed to loose my breakfast to the train floor, which left me hangry during my art class (we were presenting some artworks for progress marking. I was pretty happy with the art I presented, but the stuff I said about the works were not too great) , then in the afternoon the train was running half an hour late, which meant calling into work late.

It wasn’t all bad though. I got to have lunch with the Tim who is the bassist in my band, and Honae his wonderful and brilliant girlfriend :3. The train being late meant I was able to catch up with my friend Adam, which was lovely.


Less than stellar photo of aforementioned art assignment.


Blazer: Thrifted, Shirt: Target, Belt: Alannah Hill, Skort: Home made, Socks: Ebay, Shoes: Whitmans.

Oh well, shitty days are significantly less shitty when there’s lace on your skirt.

Busy bee


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Sometimes you just need to wear bright clothing. Over the past couple of days I’ve found that i’ve had little time for leisure. As I’ve previously mentioned, dressing brightly helps to counteract the negative effects of being able too busy.


It was finally warm enough for me to wear this blazer again. The cuffs are actually sewn up, so there’s no chance of weaning this in cold weather. I’m really enjoying this sort of milder spring weather.


Stripes that go Woof


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The Weather is still being super weird. It’s hot in the sun, but cold in the shade, and the wind is either super windy and cold, or super not windy, making life too hot. I’m not too good at dressing for inbetween weather. I always end up either being hot or being cold.


Not much to really say about my outfit today. I’m just restyling an old favourite.





Blazer: Cotton On, Vest: Valley girl, Shorts: Home made, Tights: Myer, Shoes, I <3 billy

Pre Gig Fashion Fun



So I forgot to do a shoe shot. In it’s place though, I have a crappy mirror selfie of yesterdays outfit (I couldn’t find a camera fairy :( )


Blazer: Revival, Dress: HellBunny, Belt: Alanah Hill, Socks: Ebay, Tights: Ebay, Shoes: Kmart.

I had another gig with the New Empire today. Unfortunately after the gig it was way too wet to get any shots of my stage outfit, but I managed to get some pictures of the clothes I wore before the performance.

This dress is a recent acquisition. As you all know I’m a bit busy at the moment (because all my posts from the last month can be summarised as “waaaa I’m so bussyyyyyy”), and all of this being busy stuff is making me a bit stressed, so my lovely mother bought me this dress (and its minty sister) to cheer me up a bit.


The Orchestra played really well this afternoon, although it was a bitter sweet performance, as it was our front-mans last concert. (byeee Toby, and well done with your singing today.)


Just as an end note, can I just say that doing my eye makeup like this makes me feel like a 15 year old when it’s out of context (because I may or may not have gone heavy on the eyeliner at that age…)

Red makes the pinstripes go faster…


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There was so much pink yesterday, that today I had to dress slightly less girly. (As much as I love pink, there’s only so much pink I can take!)


With all of the cold weather I’ve fallen in love with pants again. I haven’t been wearing pants because I’ve been experimenting quite a bit with how I construct my outfits (I tend to style pants in similar ways). As far as pants go, I’ve been styling them this way since I was about 16/17, so it’s easy to see how I got a bit sick of them.

Blazer: Black friday, Shirt: Cotton On, Vest: Thrifted, Belt: Low Life, Jeans: Sweet Vengeance, Shoes: Dr Martins

Blazer: Black friday, Shirt: Cotton On, Vest: Thrifted, Belt: Low Life, Jeans: Sweet Vengeance, Shoes: Dr Martins

But after a long winter of wearing skirts, dresses and shorts with tights underneath, I’m ready to embrace full length leg wear.


Pretty pink fairy skirt.


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I sewed away all of my troubles last night. I’m sitting a big important music exam soon and I’ve been sick this week, so my flute playing has not been as good as it usually is, which has made me panic just a little. Sewing with metallic pink fabric and polka Dot tulle has made me feel slightly better.


As per the last skirt I sewed in this style, the flowers were the most time consuming part of the sewing process. The base skirt took about an hour and a half to sew. The flowers were are other 4 hours on top.


Sometimes you just have to spend too many hours hand sewing pink roses onto a tulle skirt.


Tulle skirts. Fun times!

Vintage icecream the second


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It’s getting to that time in semester when dressing is difficult for me. There are two reasons for this : 1) I haven’t been sewing, therefore outfit repeats are inevitable and 2) I’m rather tired, which makes assembling an outfit difficult.

So there you have it. Those are the reasons why I’ve worn this outfit twice in a 3 days (although, the colour palette has changed slightly).

I’m going through a bit of a blouse thing at the moment. (as in, I’m lusting over a number of vintage ones online / wearing the ones I own heaps) it’s very refreshing, especially seeing at my shirt of choice for a while was actually a black or white singlet with a bow attached to the front and a large bolaro around the shoulders.

Despite my outfit ‘repeat’ I’ve done quite a refreshing thing with you footwear. I haven’t worn boots in about 2 years, so it’s nice to give them a bit of love.



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