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I had a day off today. It was made of happy fun times. These fun times included staying in bed till 11:00 and sewing my heart out.




Cardigan: Gifted, Shirt: Cotton on, Belt: Alannah Hill, Skorts: Home made, Tights: Sportsgirl, Shoes: Whitners.


I had two firsts with my sewing escapade today. 1) I’ve never sewn successfully with such drapey fabric. 2) I’ve never sewn such a drapey item of clothing.


The fabric I used is adorable , but it was an absolute nightmare to cut/sew. Everytime you go to cut/make a marking with chalk, the fabric slides all over the place. I ended up pinning my pattern to the fabric then cutting around it (My tailors chalk was next to useless :( )

Here’s a closeup of the fabric:



All in all, I think this way a day off well spent.

Winnie the pooh


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The album my band Vanishing Shapes is making is so close to (yet so far away from) being finished. We holed ourselves up in a room to have a decent listen/critique/obsess over our performance of every detail.


Blazer: Cotton On, Shirt: Cotton on, Belt: Alannah Hill, Skirt: Home made, Tights: Ebay, Socks: Ebay, Shoes: Thrifted.

This is yet another skirt I made over summer. I saw the fabric in the baby quilting section in Spotlight and had to sew with it.


I’m also really feeling blue at the moment. It’s such a serene colour.


This my friends is the wonderful dude who’s mixing our music for us. He’s actually a bit brilliant. This is his sound cloud in case you’re interested :3


I have no words about this.


Or this. ;3

Fine China


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Man, this weekend has been hectically fun! Rohan and I traveled down to Adelaide on Saturday morning for Avcon (which is the Adelaide version of supernova) He was on a panel about Chip Music, and Played at Avcon after Dark as a part of the Sound Bytes performance. When Rohan wasn’t doing things with bleepy bloops, we were hanging with the rest of the musicians. Not only are they pretty cool dudes, but their music is pretty darn amazing.

Here’s the list of artists for the evening (I highly recommend you check them all out because they’re all a bit brilliant) Xanadox, Victory Road, Dot.AY, Derris-Kharlan (Featuring Tiasu), Little-scale, Ctrix

As for what I wore, I wore my icecream skirt. (I’ve posted it twice in the last 2 weeks, so I doubt any more pictures of it need to be posted for the time being :P)

Now onto what I wore today:



Beret: Thrifted, Blazer: David Lawrence, Shirt: Ally, Belt: Alannah Hill, Skirt: Homemade, Tights: Sports Girl, Shoes: Dianna Ferrari.

This is yet another skirt I made during my summer break. I haven’t worn it in forever though probably because I wore it once a week for 6 weeks after I made it at work, so I got a bit sick of it :s. You can’t see very well in these pictures, but the waist band is scalloped around the lower edge.


Also, can I just rave for a minute about how cute my dogs are? These photo’s were taken in my back yard, which is where my dogs chill, so of course they had to be included in the photo fun times!

wpid-20140722_1244230.jpg wpid-20140722_124606.jpg wpid-20140722_124554.jpg

They have such pretty faces! :3

Green Military.


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Today was a good day. The only downside of having a good day is that it wasn’t very eventful, so my words will be a bit boring this evening.


Blazer: Black Friday, Vest: Bodyline, Shorts: Gifted, Tights: Ebay, Tights: Ebay, Shoes: Do not remember D:


Even though I didn’t do anything much, I still enjoyed dressing up. Usually i just wear boring comfy clothes for days like this.


I’ve had the Blazer in this picture since I was in year 10. I bought it on a trip to Adelaide. It was the week my parents and I went to the Australian Flute Festival (It was also the weekend I realized I was not suited for high school education, but that’s a story for another time.)

Gig Night :D


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My band Vanishing Shapes ( had our first gig in like 3 months last night. It was super fun. We played well and the audience was great.


Beret: Thrifted, Blazer: Uscari, Shirt: Home made, Shorts: Home made, Tights: Kmart, Socks: ebay, Shoes: Dr Martins.

We had a rehearsal in the morning to get prepared. This is what I wore. In hindsight, I probably should have worn more layers because it was epically cold :(


We also started jamming on some new themes, which will eventually turn into a song of some description. It’s so nice writing with the boys again. We stopped writing for a little while to record an album, which will hopefully be coming out soonish.


Don’t mind the derpy face :p

I wore this to our gig last night. I was wearing the icecream skirt I made and felt it was only appropriate to match my hair.


This is the whole outfit (minus the shoes, which you can see above.) It’s exactly what I wore a few weeks ago, but better because my little pony hair. My apologies for the awful quality photos. My phone was at 2% when we got home, and I had to take them on my laptops camera.


Crowdshot 1

This is the Venue we played at and the awesome crowd we had. The dance floor is an L shape, hence the divided crowd shot.


Crowdshot 2

Our next gig is here If you’re in the Newcastle area, you should totally come along.

Mint Flowers


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School holidays is over, so I had my first proper day of work in two weeks! My job is teaching flute and it’s ridiculously fun. I love being able to share my passion for music with others. Anyway, the place I teach on Tuesday mornings is kind of fancy, so the outfit I wore today is kind of fancy.


I’m aware that I say this about all of my clothes, but this is legit one of my favourite Dresses. I recieved it as a gift from the Ro Dogz last year for my birthday.


Blazer: David Lawrence, Dress: Miss Shop, Belt: Alannah Hill, Tights: Myer, Shoes: Thrifted.


I wore this choker today. I made the pendant and hand beaded the band/details. I really love beading, but it’s so time consuming D:


Because I’ve been on holidays a lot of my photos are being taken in my front yard in front of our beautiful old weird trees. Every year since before I can remember, these trees have shed their leaves in Winter as opposed to Autumn. This is especially strange because our next door neighbors have a similar tree, and it’s naked by the end of may. Plants. How do they even.

Check Mate.


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My Boyfriend and I went shopping today, and this is what I wore.



Cape: Handmade, Vest: Bodyline, Skirt: Handmade, Tights: Myer, Socks: Ebay, Shoes: Converse.






Basically he needed some new clothes because some of his died recently, so we replaced the dead items in his wardrobe.


He doesn’t have any dead clothes now, which is nice :3

I also got new glasses today, which is nice because I can actually see :D


Also, sorry for the lack of words. Uni is still on holiday, and I’m not doing many exciting things.

I <3 dogs



Here is yet another comfy outfit :3 my band had a rehearsal at uni, and I needed to be super comfortable because tired.


Beanie: sports girl, blazer : revival, shirt: cyber shop, belt : Alannah Hill, shorts : hand made, leg warmers: tree of life, stockings : myer, shoes: I <3 Billy,

The band rehearsal went swimmingly. We were rehearsing for a gig we have next Wednesday (


Red and brown isn’t a colour combination I do very often, but I really like it. I shall have to wear the combination more often.

Hexagional mayhem


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Today 3/4′s of my band got together to catch up on general band stuffs and make art for our upcoming ep release. I got bassist Tim to take these photo’s before we went for a skate as a break from being holed up in the kitchen and buried beneath art supplies.


Jacket: Thrifted, Playsuit: Home made, Belt: Alannah Hill, Tights: Myer, Shoes: Dianna Ferrari


I hit the sewing machine again last night and made this playsuit. I’d had the material sitting around for a couple of months. The only bad thing was it took longer than expected to sew (probably about 6 hours all up. I thought it would take about 4)

I also took some photos of the boys (although, mostly of Jake because he loves being silly in front of the camera)

wpid-20140709_151440.jpg wpid-20140709_151441.jpg

These two photos were taken just before we left.



wpid-20140709_163257.jpg wpid-20140709_163312.jpg wpid-20140709_163328.jpg

These four were taken on the route back. As you can see, Tim and Jake are quite majestic¬† (they’re not too bad at music either :P).

Apples and Cats


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Whenever I’m feeling remotely blah, the colour I reach for to make my day better is green. It’s such a bright, cheery and underrated colour.


I woke up with a bit of a headache, so green was the only way to go.


Cardigan: Glassons, Shirt: Lady petrova, Belt: Alannah Hill, Tights: Ebay, Shoes: Converse.


I’ve been favouring these shorts a lot lately for two reasons. 1) I love the print/colours (super easy to wear with all the things) 2) I feel more like me when I wear things I’ve made.

Lets have a real talk about sewing stuff. As much as I love fashion, I find fast fashion to move wayy to fast, and for it to be difficult to intergrate into my wardrobe because of my very specific tastes, both colour wise and silhouette wise. I’ve been experimenting a little bit more lately because of the myriad of fashion blogs I read (seriously, they’re all fabulous. My blog roll can be found here: As the saying goes, if you want something done right do it yourself. I also have a figure that most brands don’t cater for, which makes shopping for shorts a nightmare. They’re either too big or too small, or fit right on the legs, but gape at the waist.


As well as making clothes, I also make jewellery. The picture above is a closeup of the choker I’m wearing today.


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