I’m slowly turning into a pixie…


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I feel as though I’ve been wearing rots of ‘fairy’  clothing lately. Lots of lace and flowers.


I suppose I did have an excuse to be fairy like today. I was in one of my favourite opp shops when I stumbled upon the shirt I’m wearing. It’s an off white cropped version of this dress.


My L. Mus exam is finally over. I won’t find out the result for a few days, but I was happy with how I played. For those of you who don’t know, an L. Mus is a crazy difficult music exam that you can sit to prove you can play your instrument to a high level.


I feel so free!

I had a date with my sewing machine…


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Before we get into the nitty gritty of my outfit, can we fawn over my shoes for a moment? I picked these up yesterday at the salvoes for $18. I. Have. Zero. Regrets.


I didn’t have the best day yesterday, so to keep myself from  moping around the house feeling sorry for myself I decided to hit the sewing machine.


I’ve had the idea and fabric for these shorts sitting around for about a month now. I used a self drafted pattern to make them. These are definitely the best shorts I’ve made to date (I mean, lk at the neatness of that zip!)


So yeah, sewing is fun!

Teapot High School


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This blazer always reminds me of a fancy school uniform blazer. (there’s a school in Sydney I can’t remember the name of, and their blazers sport the same thick stripes in navy and red)



I actually bothered to do some eye-shadow today. I love playing with eye shadow, but I rarely have time because I’d have to wake up an extra 20 wins before I normally do.


Despite how pretty it looks, normally the loss of extra sleep just isn’t worth it.

It looks like black bubble wrap


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I have a double shoe shot today to show off the socks I wore on Monday. Cat’s in bowties are the cutest ever!


The title of this post is in reference to the cropped jacket I wore Monday. Basically I asked Ro Dogz what he thought of it, and apparently it looks like black bubble wrap.
The jacket in question is a recent purchase from the best shop in Woy Woy (aka shop 55)


Jacket: shop 55, shirt,: kmart, belt: Alannah Hill, skort: home made, tights: ebay, socks: kmart, shoes: ebay

I’m finally on uni ‘break’ (which isn’t really a break. It’s uni ‘you don’t the have to attend class but there’s still a butload of work to do’) I have a pretty major flute exam coming up so I’m taking advantage of my ‘ free time’ to practice like a maniac. I actually can’t wait till its over.


Such. Fun.

I spent this weekend as a fairy princess: Feat Vanishing Shapes


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As per the title of this post I spent pretty much my whole weekend as a fairy princess. This adventure started friday at the lass in Newcastle. My band had a gig, and I decided to wear one of my fairy skirts to perform in.


This gig was a pretty big deal for us because it was our first time with our new lineup.


Nick Jamison, Vanishing Shapes new Clarinetist being fab.


The next day my friend Hannah had a picnic to catch up with people. She’s not been too well the last few months, and having a picnic was a great way for everyone to catch up/ Bask in her brilliance.

wpid-20140920_145348.jpg wpid-20140920_145352.jpg

So yeah, twas a fun weekend!

Strawberry Kisses


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The Uni break is so close yet so far! I’ve started to feel a bit bored with my clothes, and I’m itching to get stuck into the sewing machine, but I’m not allowed until next week :(


Anyway, this is what I wore to uni yesterday. I had a busy day, so I decided to keep in comfy. So here I am, being super comfortable.


The cardigan I’m wearing is super warm and super fluffy! A friend of mine thinks it looks like I’ve skinned elmo and made him into a jacket.


Punky Pugs


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Remember those k-mart socks I mentioned a few days ago? Welp, I styled another pair.


I ended up wearing my dog shorts with the pug socks, because the more dogs the better!


I also finally fixed my favourite shoes. They’re a pair of clear high heel jelly sandles. I bought them during summer, and pretty much wore them for a month straight until the side split. I kept them because I thought I might be able to repair them. A few days ago I was browsing the internet and stumbled upon this thing called shoe goo which is a strong adhesive designed for shoe repair and waterproofing.  This. Stuff. Is. Magic.

Basically I was able to repair and reinforce the split, and now it looks like it never happened!


Vest: Paddy’s Market, Shirt: K-mart, Belt: Thrifted, Arm warmers: Ebay, Shorts: Handmade, Tights: K-mart, Socks: K-mart, Shoes: Ebay.

Gingham Fairy Princess


So this is the outfit I wore today.


Monday is my “Lazy” day at uni. I don’t have any scheduled classes, which means all of my rehearsals get scheduled for this day.


My band had a pretty good 2 hour rehearsal this morning. We have a gig at the Lass in Newcastle this friday. (Event Page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/323096944539726/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular) This gig is kind of a big deal as it’s our first one with the new lineup.


Our new member is a local Clarinetist called Nick, and he’s a bit brilliant. (If you’re in the area, you should totally come to our gig and bask in Nicks brilliance!)

Miniature Marshmellows


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These socks are actually the best thing ever.

I had to go to K-Mart this week to buy some practical things. While I was perusing the isles I stumbled upon these socks.  Not only are they deliciously mellow-y,  but they were super cheap and came in different prints (I also bought a cat pair and a pug pair :3)


There’s only one downside to wearing delicious socks…


… They made me really hungry. :(


Polka dots and Pinocchio


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Thursdays outfit made me feel like a school girl.


I think it was a combination of the colour pallet, the jacket and shoe combination and long socks. I think it’s strange that something that looks nothing like a school uniform can make me feel this way.

Also, all the school uniforms that I ever wore never made me feel this adorable.


Apart from my outfit, thursday was kind of a bleh day. I managed to loose my breakfast to the train floor, which left me hangry during my art class (we were presenting some artworks for progress marking. I was pretty happy with the art I presented, but the stuff I said about the works were not too great) , then in the afternoon the train was running half an hour late, which meant calling into work late.

It wasn’t all bad though. I got to have lunch with the Tim who is the bassist in my band, and Honae his wonderful and brilliant girlfriend :3. The train being late meant I was able to catch up with my friend Adam, which was lovely.


Less than stellar photo of aforementioned art assignment.


Blazer: Thrifted, Shirt: Target, Belt: Alannah Hill, Skort: Home made, Socks: Ebay, Shoes: Whitmans.

Oh well, shitty days are significantly less shitty when there’s lace on your skirt.


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