Dreamy Dresses


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Lady Petrova’s webstore is a dangerous place for my wallet.

Basically there was this dress which I loved. Then it went on sale. Then it got marked down further, and the once more. Every time it was marked down it was so much harder for me not to buy.

I may have caved this week….


…and this might be the dress in question.


Usually I’m not a fan of wearing ‘bodycon’ dresses, but, the organza overlay makes it super cute and a bit classy.

The dress was designed by house of cards http://www.houseofcardsthelabel.com/ which is a pretty darn cool label.


Dress: House of Cards, Belt: Shop 55, Tights: Sportsgirl, Shoes: Whitners.

It’s raining cats and dogs


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This week hasn’t been good for weather. It’s been cold, wet and miserable.


Jacket: thrifted, shirt:dotti, belt:Alannah Hill, shorts: hand made, tights:myer, shoes: whiteners

Because of this I thought it would be appropriate to pair my kitty shirt with my doggy shorts (because it really has been raining cats and dogs)


The shoes I have on are my oxymoron shoes. I’ve nicknamed them this because they look like hiking boots, but they’re really not made for hiking.


Hamming it up (1920’s style)


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On Sunday I had a gig with the New Empire Ballroom Ragtime and Jazz Dance Orchestra. We’re a period Orchestra, so we try and do everything as traditionally as possible (Hence all these lovely ladies in their gorgeous dresses looking delightful)


I’ve been waiting so long to do some outfit shots in one of the dresses (We haven’t had a gig since I started the blog, which is no fun at all!) Our lovely Wardrobe Mistress Ashley sourced our outfits from thrift stores, then altered them into submission!

wpid-20140817_141710.jpg wpid-20140817_141701.jpg


We’re not all class all the time ;)

You can find out more about us here https://www.facebook.com/pages/New-Empire-Ballroom-Ragtime-Dance-Orchestra :D

Flower Power (Aka that time I stayed up way too late sewing)


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I really need to stop watching project runway. It not only makes me want to sew all day, but it makes me want to leave my uni course and become a designer (which is one of the few jobs which is less financially secure than music. Side note: Why can’t I be good at stuff which won’t make me poor?)

Anyway, I stayed up obnoxiously late hand sewing these details…


…onto this skirt.


Unfortunately due to poor overcast lighting conditions on campus, the picture doesn’t do the skirt justice. Basically it’s the perfect fairy skirt. It’s a triple layer circle skirt with linen as the bottom layer, and polka dot tulle making up the top two layers. As i mention before I hand sewed rose and leaf detail around the edge of the skirt to add to the whimsy. Each rose was lovingly crafted by my hands, and sworn at multiple times by my brain (Because making lots of tiny roses sucks!)


I matched the skirt with my green cape, and green Lady Petrova blouse, then tied in the red in the skirt with my shiny red shoes.


The gig was pretty fun to play, although, it was wayyyy too cold for an outdoor gig. Next time I think I’ll bring a warmer jacket.

Spontanious Combustion (aka, that time life got busy and I forgot what it meant to have a life)


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Sorry for my absence! I got hit by an extremely busy few days, which kind of destroyed my blogging ‘schedule’


This is the outfit I wore Friday last week. At least i think it was friday. (I really don’t remember which is very troubling to me) Anyway, I played for my friends exam in this outfit, then later that day I played a gig in this outfit. (I’m pretty sure it was the lass gig I had with my band Vanishing Shapes, which was hella fun :D You can check us out here https://www.facebook.com/vanishapes , here https://soundcloud.com/vanishapes and herehttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOw8gt5eVVRLakbT3DcfNXA)

It was the second of 4 gigs I had last week. I never fully recovered from the first gig (which was a late night on a Wednesday evening with Vanishing Shapes) and everything sort of spiraled. Oh well. It happens. (please forgive me :P)

I must apologise for the word vomit. I’m still recovering from my crazy week. :s




Now onto what I wore. I was overjoyed when I discovered this blouse looked good with this skirt (It doesn’t show particularly well in the pictures, but the mints in the skirt are derived from the green in the blouse). I love finding new combinations of clothing, especially when my clothing feels stale. (Sometimes I feel my wardrobe getting stale, usually when I either haven’t had time for sewing, or when I’m exhausted.) I felt very fresh in this combination.


Hard Style.


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Today I learned that I need to start checking the weather before leaving my house instead of making a judgement based on how warm it’s been recently. It was really warm in the sun/ when the wind wasn’t blowing, but unfortunately for me the wind barely let up, and that windy was icyyyyyy!



As far as today’s outfit is concerned, I wore two pieces which I find incredibly difficult to style; the blazer and the shoes. Both pieces cause me trouble because of the colour.

At first glance the blazer appears to be red and white striped. The “red” in the blazer is not actually a red. It’s a very dark dusty pink. This makes it incredibly hard to match with things in my wardrobe.

I have a similar problem with the shoes. The dominant colour in the shoes is a magenta.


I’m quite happy with my outfit today, although, if I was going to wear it again, I’d opt for tights that are slightly less red.

Capes and kitties


I am so behind on all the things D: including the blogging of my outfits! This is what I wore Sunday to my rehearsal with the new empire ballroom ragtime and jazz orchestra.


I made a new Cape! It’s a heavy ish corduroy with lace sewn around the edge because one can never have too much lace.


Cape: home made, Cardigan : forever new, vest: body Line, shorts:home made, tights: eBay, shoes: Dr Martin

We had an excellent rehearsal, and I’m really looking forward to our next gig.


I also stole Rohan’s house mates kitty Mason. He’s the prettiest cat. :3 

One Eyed, One Horned, Flying Purple People Eater (AKA Lost on campus round 2)


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(This post should have gone up thursday, but I got home really late, then Friday I had an internet fail at home )

Another Thursday another adventure on campus involving me being completely lost. I made it to class on time this week, it was getting back to the train station I had difficulty with.

After my Art class, I went for coffee with a couple of my friends on a part of the campus I wasn’t familiar with. I had left plenty of time to walk back, but, I took the Road instead of the path. The path lead to the trainstation, but the road took me to the opposite side of campus.

I made it eventually (I barely made the next train :s) but, next time, They can have coffee near my building.


Blazer: Don’t remember :s, Shirt: Home made, Belt: Thrifted, Shorts: Thrifted, Tights: Kmart, Socks: Ebay, Shoes: Dr Martins.

At least I was purple?


My Nose Grows When I Tell A Lie.


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Remember how I had that sewing binge? Welp, this was the other garment I made. I used this super cute Pinocchio print (Because who doesn’t love Pinocchio!?)



Blazer: Ojay, Cardigan: Review, Shirt: Target, Belt: Alannah Hill, Skort: Home made, Tights: Ebay, Shoes: Thrifted.

I’m really digging skorts at the moment. It’s everything I love about skirts without all of the sads I have when the wind gets strong in Newcastle (Seriously though, the wind does not play nicely with my clothes, meaning I either hold down my skirt, or my nickers are shown to the world :( )


Also, see that bow I’ve pinned onto my skort? I’ve been looking for that bow for about 5 months now, and I finally found it! :D So many happy’s!


So yeah, sewing all the things! I just hope I can keep sewing after semester gets busy.


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